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Tail Feather is a Bournemouth based start-up company, trading since August 2018. 

Simon and Wiebke (Tail Feather's founders) both have backgrounds in hospitality and catering. Simon is born and bred in Bournemouth, he started his career as a chef at the Chewton Glen. He has since worked in various high end restaurants around the country including the first Hotel du Vin in Winchester whilst Wiebke, originally from Berlin, has worked in various high end hotels, bars and restaurants around the world. 


They both ventured off to work on yachts. Simon worked as Head Chef whilst Wiebke worked as Chief Stewardess and this is how they met many years ago. They say that a good espresso martini would very often start off the evening (and sometimes finish it!). Yachting is, for now, something of the past, but they still love a good espresso martini.

So came the idea to create something unique and bring the espresso martini to the next level.


They wanted a really high end product that brings quality, consistency, simplicity whilst also being quick and easy to make, to ensure minimum effort and maximum enjoyment! 


This is why they developed Tail Feather- a premium, ready-to-drink espresso martini at 13% ABV in a single measure bottle. 


This hand-crafted espresso martini is as good if not better as one made on the spot.


This is achieved by only using the finest quality extractions of coffee, organic vanilla and triple distilled grain vodka, avoiding any artificial flavours and preservatives. 


It took nearly a year to source all of the ingredients and to create the perfect recipe from scratch. Only the finest, natural ingredients, sustainably sourced and organic where possible are being used in this beautifully balanced cocktail with an intense, rich and fresh flavour.

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