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  • Why is the bottle not full?
    The bottle is the cocktail shaker. You need the space in the bottle to create the perfect crema on top of your cocktail! This is why we have our signature air gap in each bottle to give plenty of space to shake, each bottle still contains a generous 140ml of perfectly premixed espresso martini.
  • What type of coffee do you use?
    Our coffee is a blend of 100% UTZ sustainably certified beans, the finest on the planet!
  • Do I need to add anything?
    Absolutely not! All ready-to-drink, perfection straight from the bottle. For more inspiration, please see serving suggestions.
  • Is one bottle one drink?
    You can drink as little or as much as you like, but yes, one bottle was designed to be one cocktail.
  • How long does it keep?
    There are no expiry dates on our drinks because of the alcohol content, once opened please refrigerate and consume within a week in the unlikely event of you not finishing a bottle.
  • Do I need a shaker?
    No, no need. Your bottle is your shaker, and make sure that your drink is nice and cold, straight out of the fridge.
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